Pakistan has finally got its first ever online Urdu Dictionary at the national level. The official website of Pakistan Urdu Lughat has been launched by the National History and Literary Heritage Government of Pakistan.

This online Urdu Dictionary houses 22 editions of Urdu dictionary. According to officials, only those languages are immortalised whose historical background, vocabulary, forms and usage of words in different ages, and lingual experiences are compiled in the form of a proper and scientific glossary.

All searches can be made in Urdu typing only. For the easiness of the visitors, the official website of Online Urdu Lughat also features the Integrated Urdu Keyboard as well in addition to System Urdu Keyboard.

In the digital version of Urdu Dictionary, following activities have been performed:

  • The comprehensive compilation of Urdu Dictionary on standards and samples set under Kabir by the Oxford Urdu Dictionary
  • Publication of the short dictionary in addition to other literary dictionaries based on historical principles
  • Periodical completion of other duties assigned to development of this online Urdu Dictionary

After the United Kingdom and Germany, Pakistan is the third country which achieves this milestone of Digitalization of Urdu Language.

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