The Internet is a good place to get information about anything. But the availability of too much information most of the time make the information useless because the user becomes unable to find what he was looking. Same is true in case of scholarships. A lot of information regarding Scholarships in Pakistan, Scholarships for Pakistani Students, Scholarships in Abroad for Pakistani Students and much more is available over the internet but still over students are unable to catch the information perfectly.

Top Scholarship Websites in Pakistan

In this article, we are going to list down those websites from where you can get the information regarding scholarships in Pakistan or scholarships in other countries for Pakistan students.

The Pakistani category of this website is worth to explore. Scholarship-Positions.Com Pakistan Scholarships list down the information of international scholarships available for the Pakistani students. This website is for those Pakistani students who are looking for platforms for finding information of those foreign institutions offering scholarships to Pakistani students. is a multifunctional scholarship website that offers the information of international scholarships available for Pakistani students. Most of the time even leading newspapers and HEC forgets to update the Pakistani students about the international scholarships available for the Pakistani students. This website is a great means for that purpose. is a purely local website providing information of foreign scholarships for Pakistani students. It is a free source of information having one of the extensive databases of local and international scholarships information for Pakistani students. Keep visiting this website, and you will always get to the point and real information regarding scholarships, grants, and fellowships programs. is one of the leading education websites in Pakistan helping thousands of Pakistani students by offering them updated study material and information. It has dedicated scholarship information along with customized scholarship searching option. It gives its visitors the detailed information about local and international scholarships for Pakistan students only.

HEC Scholarships

HEC Scholarships is the special scholarships category of the official website of the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. It gives the information regarding national scholarships, foreign scholarships, and also gives the information of international research support as well. HEC Scholarships is the most credible source of information in Pakistan.

British Council Pakistan

British Council Pakistan in addition to giving the information of local scholarships in Pakistan mainly focuses on giving the information of scholarships available in UK universities and colleges for Pakistani students. It gives the information of all Commonwealth Scholarships for Pakistani Students and provides the information of Scholarships for Pakistani Students in Europe.

As the name of the website, is clearing the objective of this website. is a website offering two kinds of information to Pakistani students. It gives its readers the detailed information regarding visa process to study in abroad and also gives them the information of scholarships available to them in foreign universities.

Pakistan Jobs Bank Scholarships

Pakistan Jobs Bank is a jobs advertisement placing website that has a dedicated scholarship section as well. Pakistan Jobs Bank Scholarships is one of the best sources over the internet for getting the information of local and international scholarships. It gives only those scholarships information that is published in the leading newspapers in Pakistan.

PEEF Scholarships

PEEF Scholarships is an official scholarship portal of the Government of the Punjab. PEEF Scholarships do not publish the scholarship news of other institutes at all. It shows the scholarship information advertised by it. In addition to scholarships for students in Punjab, it also advertises the scholarships for the students of other provinces as well. PEEF Scholarships is one of the leading scholarship offering portals in Punjab. is one of the best websites over the internet with too much information regarding scholarships for Pakistani students. It provides the information of both local and international scholarships for Pakistani students. is also a great means for knowing about scholarships in a specific country for Pakistani students.

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