The Ministry of Science and Technology Pakistan in collaboration with Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology is offering paid research opportunity to fresh scientists in China.

The Talented Young Scientist Program by Chinese Government that is, in fact, an international mobility scheme aims to cultivate future leading science and technology personalities together with other developing countries in the world.

The program will also promote the inter countries exchanges of excellent young scholars, researchers and scientists. The Talented Young Scientist Program also aims to enhance the cooperation among research institutes, academics and enterprises.

Financial Benefit:

TYSP offers job opportunities and sponsorship (12,500/month) for a talented young scientist from developing countries to work in China on a full-time basis for 6/12 months, together with China’s team.

Procedure for Applying:

Requirements for applicant and procedure of application can be reached at There is no deadline for submission of applicants; the scientists can apply at any time.

The application with requisite information in respect of the nominee(s) may be furnished to the Ministry of Science and Technology, Islamabad in English (in hard form), after completion of necessary formalities and due endorsement by the Competent Authority of the concerned organization.

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