PTCL is giving a multi-range of services to its customers. At the start, customers were required to subscribe to different packages to get all services at once. But now PTCL has introduced its new PTCL Lagataar Offer Scheme 2018 that lets the subscribers to enjoy all-in-one convenient bundle of PTCL.

In its Lagataar Offer, PTCL is offering following services:

  • Freedom Plus Package
  • Smart TV
  • DSL 4Mbps Starter Package

PTCL Lagataar Offer Bundles

Freedom Plus Package 

  • Package charges: Rs. 999/- per month
  • Unlimited On-Net Calls ( PTCL -PTCL )
  • Unlimited Calls PTCL to Ufone
  • 500 minutes to other mobile networks
  • 100 International minutes (Only Selected Countries)

Smart TV

  • 100+ live TV channels
  • Timeshift TV (TSTV)
  • TV on demand
  • Video on demand
  • Electronic Program guide

 DSL 4Mbps Starter Package

  • 4Mbps Starter Package @ Rs. 999 with 40GB downloads
  • Free WiFi with every new connection

PTCL Lagataar Offer 2018 Prices

The prices of all these three bundles are:

  • Freedom Plus Package charges 999/- per month
  • Smart TV Package charges: Rs. 499/- per month
  • DSL 4Mbps Triple Play Bundle Package Charges: Rs. 2250/- per month OR 4Mbps Starter Package @ Rs. 999 with 40GB downloads

PTCL Lagataar Offer Features

The main advantages of using PTCL Lagataar Offer are:

  • Having unlimited on-net calls per month
  • Access to 150 HD channels
  • Hundreds of dramas, movies, sports and video on demand
  • Video recording system
  • WiFi facility for shared connectivity
  • Unlimited downloading, high-speed searching and video streaming in case of having DSL 4Mbps Triple Pay Bundle and 40GB in case of DSL 4Mbps Starter Package

How to Get PTCL Lagataar Offer Package?

For registration and subscription, call at 1218 and also get free PTCL WiFi Model on all new PTCL Internet connections.

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