To entertain students regarding attestation of their degrees, Higher Education Commission of Pakistan has introduced an Online Degree Attestation Process. This lets the willing students apply for the Degree Attestation setting at their home. All process starts from a web link where the user needs to fill the online application and upload the scanned education and other required documents.

The HEC will scrutinize the record, and after confirmation, the students will be informed about their visit via SMS or email.

Here is the step by step procedure for HEC Online Degree Attestation System:

Stage 1: Creating Account

The first steps involve creating a free account at Click on the Register for creating an account. Below is the image.

Stage 2: Information Requirement

Provide all the below-mentioned information for creating an account. (Image is shown in the end)

  • Nationality
  • CNIC
  • Region
  • Password along with Password Confirmation
  • Cell/Mobile Number
  • Verification Code (Will be sent on provided number)
  • Email ID
  • Verification Code (Will be sent on Email ID)

Stage 3: Updating Profile and Uploading Education Documents

After creating an account, log in to your account and move to the Profile section and five Personal, Contact and Educational Details.

Stage 4: Uploading Documents

In Education Tab, upload all scanned copies of Original Education Documents.

Special Instructions for Ph.D. Applications

Ph.D. verification process is a little complex. Follow the below mentioned steps:

  1. From Dashboard, Navigate to “D. Country Directory”.
  2. The system will search you in our PCD database on the bases of your CNIC or Email.
  3. If your record is not found, you will be requested to add PCD Serial Number which is available on HEC website PCD page.
  4. Fill in the data verification form, in which your data will be pre-populated based on your CNIC, email or PCD serial Number.
  5. HEC will verify your record and after that will let you through for subsequent attestation.

Stage 5: Applying for Online Degree Attestation

Click on Apply for Degree Attestation as shown in the image.

Select the appropriate option as:

  • Attest New Degree
  • Duplicate Attestation
  • Supplementary Attestation
  • Update an Attested Degree

Stage 6: Selection of Center

The candidate can also select the center of office from where they want to get their document attested. Following are available centers:

  • Islamabad
  • Karachi
  • Lahore
  • Quetta
  • Peshawar

Stage 7: Submission of Online Application

After completing file and uploading all documents, click on Submit button to submit the application.

Stage 8: Visiting Date and Time for Attestation

HEC will first scrutinize the process and will inform the candidate via SMS or email for scheduling visit at their convenience in available times. The candidate can visit either in person or can appoint a person for that purpose as well.

Stage 9: Visiting HEC and Submitting Original Documents

On a decided date, the candidate must approach HEC with original documents in person or through his authorized person. Submit the original documents along with their copies and a copy of CNIC at the attestation windows.

Stage 10: Submission of Fee

Once your original documents verified by HEC, you need to submit fee at bank counter within HEC.

Final Stage: Collect Your Attested Degree

Now you can collect your attested document from the collection window after the announcement of your name.

Things to Remember Regarding Tracking of Application

  • Selects the application and click on either “View Attestation Details” or “View Application Details.”
  • On click of a button, respective sections are opened.
  • The applicant can click on Download button to download the zip file of documents.
  • Applicants can also download their Application Forms and Challan Forms using this screen after they have scheduled their application.
  • All the phases are displayed.
  • The applicant can click on View Comments to view the comments against the tasks of that particular phase.

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