YouTube without any objection is the largest repository of videos over the internet. It is one of the largest means for video streaming and sharing over the internet having billions of videos in full range categories in its database.

For the easiness of its visitors YouTube has introduced various user-friendly features and functions like channels creation system, channel subscription, sharing videos, downloading videos, offline watching mode and much more.

It lets its users download as many videos as they want for free unless these are of commercial types. In this article, we have covered for various solutions that will make it easy for you to download videos from YouTube.

For the easiness of our reader, we have covered several Internet Download Manager, YouTube Video Downloader and several other web-based downloaders for downloading YouTube videos in Pakistan.

Download YouTube Videos Without Any Downloader

Now you can download YouTube videos online without using any downloader at all. is a website that gives you the chance of downloading videos in all available qualities. There are no charges of using this website.

Here is how you can use it for downloading videos.

Method 1:

Move to the website of and in the top bar insert the link of your YouTube video and press enter. All downloading options will appear. Click any one of them and downloading will start automatically.

Here is the image.

Method 2:

Download the extension of from here and install in your favorite web browser. Once installed, the download button of

Will start showing on every YouTube video as shown in below image. Just click on the button to download the video.

Method 3:

This one is the simplest method to download videos from YouTube. Before original URL of YouTube type SS. In case your URL is

Downloading will start automatically.

List of YouTube Video Downloading Software

These are top class video downloader for downloading videos from YouTube. You need to install any one of them to download videos.

YTD Video Downloader

Internet Download Manager

YouTube Video Downloader for Mac

Freemake Video Downloader

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