Google Translate is one of the leading and widely used translating services of the Google. In addition to a web-based version, it is being offered in the form of apps for the smartphone and tablet devices as well. Just like translating in other languages from English, Google Translator also support for translating any word or phrase from English to Urdu as well. However, it is not the only translating app for this purpose. Here is the list of Google Translator Alternatives for English to Urdu translation.

1: Urdu English Translator

Urdu English Translator is a two-way translating application that supports for translating from English to Urdu and vice versa. The main advantage of using this app is that it can be equally used as a means for knowing the word meanings and as a dictionary as well. There is no cost of using this app at all.

Download: Android

2: Urdu English Dictionary & Offline Translator

This app is best for those want to learn English. It is designed for both students and translators. The main advantage of using this app is that it is fast, easy to use and works in offline mode as well. It contains the millions of words and expressions in its database. You can use it for offline pronunciation as well.

Download: iOS

3: Fallon’s English Urdu Dictionary

Fallon’s English Urdu Dictionary is called to be one of the most authentic sources for learning English in Urdu medium and vice versa. This application features seventy-five thousand words along with Urdu meanings. In addition to English, this application support for Urdu searching system as well. Three different search modes are the part of this app that are words containing letter, words starting letters and Urdu search.

Download: iOS

4: Urdu Dictionary English Free With Sound

Urdu Dictionary English Free With Sound is a free English to Urdu and Urdu to English dictionary that supports for voice pronunciation as well. This dictionary based app contains hundreds and thousands of words in its database. The users do not need to have an internet connection at all as it allows them to listen the sound of words offline as well.

Download: iOS

5: English – Urdu Dictionary Free

English – Urdu Dictionary Free is a multifunctional and multipurpose translating application that does not need an internet connection at all. The size of the app is small. However, its database size is little big that will be downloaded automatically once you will install this application. English – Urdu Dictionary Free offers the features like word spelling and context word searching.

Download: iOS

6: Urdu to English & English to Urdu Translator

This simple app lets the Pakistani people translate any English word to Urdu or Urdu word to English. For easiness of the users, Urdu to English & English to Urdu Translator support for copy and paste of the text as well rather than typing it manually in the search section. It is a great means for solving the problems related to translation from one language to other.

Download: Android

7: Urdu-English Translator

This free translating application allows its users to easily translate any word of Urdu to English and vice versa. The best about Urdu-English Translator is that just like Google Translator, it also support for translating a complete sentence as well. The instant translation system and full validity of the words are the main advantages of using this translating application.

Download: Android

8: All Language Translator Free

All Language Translator Free is not for English to Urdu and Urdu English translation only. This simple to use translating app can also be used for translating from Urdu to other languages and from other languages to Urdu as well. It is simply the best application for easy and super fast translation that can be used just like simple digital dictionary.

Download: Android

9: U-Dictionary

U-Dictionary is a top of the chart translating application just like Google translator. In fact, its features and functions are more than any translating application. It also serves as a means for vocabulary building, language reference, and research purposes as well. The main advantage of using U-Dictionary is that it uses the database of many international languages dictionaries like WordNet Dictionary and Collins Advanced Dictionary.

Download: Android

10: Translator English To Urdu

Translator English To Urdu is a super fast English to Urdu and Urdu to English translating application that is a great means for searching the meaning of any words of Urdu and English. This must have application is particularly for those people who are not too good at understanding English and Urdu language. The best above all it has embedded Urdu font, so the user does not require downloading additional font package at all.

Download: Android

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