23 March also known as Pakistan Day and Republic Day is one of the important days in the history of Pakistan. Each year the day is celebrated with full nationalism zeal and enthusiasm to mark the achievements of leaders of Pakistan for a separate state in sub-continent.

Initially, the day was known as the Lahore Resolution Day when the Muslims of sub-continent decided to set a formal plan for the achievement of a separate state for them. Lahore Resolution was later on adopted in the development of first Constitution of Pakistan in 1956 passed on the same day March 23.

23 March Pakistan Day Messages

Do you know what Pakistan means?

No??? ok let me tell you

P-> Perfect









Pakistan Zinda Baad

Oh my dearest country;

Wish you a Happy and Strong Future.

23 March 1940

Pakistan Zinda Baad



May ALLAH Bless Us

All With Integrity

To Be Proud Of Our Country

May We All Understand

The True Meaning Of




Ghulami Mai Na Kaam Aati Hain Shamsheerain Na Tadbeerain

Jo Ho Zouq-e-Yaqeen Paida Tu Kat Jati Hain Zanjeerain

Happy Pakistan Day

Long Live Pakistan


On PAKISTAN DAY May ALLAH Bless Us All With Integrity To Be Proud Of Our Country,

May We All Understand The True Meaning Of PAKISTAN RESOLUTION Passed On This Day.



Kyun Aankh Mai Behty Huay Ashkoon Ki Lari Hai,

Chup Reh Mery Ham Watan Qiyamat Ki Ghari He,

Hota He Kuch Gumaan Sa Maidaan-E-Hashar Ka,

Har Aik Musalman Ko Apni Hi Pari Hai,

Mit Jaye Mera Dais Ye Halaat Bana Kar,

Atraaf Ki Har Kom Tamashy Pe Khari Hai,

Phir Surkh Surkh Hai Mery Daryaon Ka Pani,

Lagta Hai Kaheen Khon Ki Barsaat Pari Hai,

In Zalimon Ko Jarr Se Mita De Ay Mere RAB,

Sab Hath Uthao K DUAOON Ki Ghari Hai


huda Kray K Meri Arz E Pak Pe Utray

Wo Fasl E Gul, Jisay Andaisha E Zawal Na Ho.


Happy Pakistan Day 23rd March.


23 March Pakistan Day Speeches

Each year the day is celebrated as National Holiday in Pakistan to pay tribute the great Pakistani leaders. A special parade is organized on this day, and that is why it is now being termed as Pakistan Day Parade as well. All three branches of Pak Armed Forces participate in this parade.

The Day of 23 March will be dawned with 21 Gun Salutes in provincial capitals and 31 Gun Salutes in Federal Capital. Special prayers and events will be held at government and private levels to pay tribute to the martyrs of Pakistan and prosperity of Pakistan.

General (R) Raheel Sharif resumed the Pakistan Day Parade after seven consecutive years of not organizing it on a public level. This year it will be the third parade that will be organized in Parade Ground Islamabad.

There will be the main celebration on the Parade Ground Islamabad. President of Pakistan will be Chief Guest, and the event will also be attended by the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Cabinet Ministers, Military Chiefs of Staff and the general public.

The full inter-services joint military parade will be broadcasted live by the national channels. Pakistan Armed Forces will also show a glance of its power during the parade. Moreover, the wreaths will also be laid at the mausoleums of Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Allama Muhammad Iqbal.

Pak Armed Forces have already started the preparation for the day, and full dress rehearsal will be arranged two days before 23 March 2018.

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